I have a tea for every mood.

There is so much tea in our kitchen. I’m working on a second kitchen to hold all my teas.

“Hrrmm, it’s 8 o’clock on a Monday night. I’m feeling kind of Mondayed out, but still buoyant of mood…. I have just the tea combination for this moment”

Poor husband. His (beloved, necessary) coffee is regulated to one tiny jar on the counter because tea is taking up all the best real estate.

One of my tea-cups is so big that it hangs out with the bowls in the cupboard. Husband insists that it is a soup bowl, he is obviously wrong and it is a special Rosalyn tea-cup. Srsly.

BTW the 8 o’clock Monday night tea of the worn but content mood was chamomile, fennel and tulsi.


Rosalyn’s tea blends

Spring Evening Tea, w Tulsi, Raspberry and Lavender


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