Body after Babies

Making time

“If it is really important to you, you make time. If not, you make excuses”

Don’t know who said it, or even where I saw it first, but it’s spot on.

I haven’t been meeting my goals – I’m not getting out and getting fit again and there is NO excuse. Well, I mean, there has been lots; I have a cold. The boy is being a drama queen and I can’t drag him for a brisk walk kicking and screaming while I lug the baby as well. The gym closed the creche. My husband is home (and awake) so I’d like to spend some time with him. It’s too hot out for the baby.

Well I suppose that last one is legit, it gets very very hot here. But I could do some squats or something inside at home, honestly.

NO more excuses – tomorrow morning, in the cool very early AM, kidlets and I are going hiking.

  1. Wake.
  2. Drink litre of water.
  3. Feed and organise Banana Baby
  4. Breakfast and dress little Veggie Boy
  5. Shower

(Depressing that I will complete all of the before 6.30am…. Sleep-ins are a thing of the past!)

     6.  HIKE 

I will achieve at least this one thing tomorrow, keeping my goal of ‘get that fit body back!’ firmly in the front of my mind!

“Your actions drive your beliefs and each action you take is a vote for the type of person that you believe that you are” – this was written by blogger James Clear. His diagram (below) is so illustrative of how I am sabotaging myself:

Graphic and related article by James Clear

I haven’t made my goals my identity in this area. This is what I need to do to make a meaningful, lasting change to my fitness. Just seeing this once, and it is so immediately recognisable!

And honestly, it should have been apparent to me from prior experience. Between my two children I got super fit, looked great and felt great. I worked out hard and ate really well. I still eat pretty well, but my fitness just kind of died once I reached my “get super fit by xx date” date. I made nutrition part of my identity, I failed to do the same with working out.

I do need to focus my nutrition again – but I am so deeply interested in it that it’s not a big deal, I am fairly well behaved here because I identify with being someone that loves healthy fresh raw food in all it’s gloriousness. But I really need to become someone who is about their fitness, rather than (as James discusses) someone who is looking at reaching this goal from the Appearance and Performance layers of behaviour.

Sitting down with my computer this evening, this seems like such an epiphany. And something like this must have been lurking in the back of my head unarticulated, as I’ve started blogging about this journey back to my peak as a way of keeping myself accountable.

Starting small – Kaizen, peoples, for a lasting change 🙂 make it who you are, and the rest naturally follows.

Read James’s article:


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