Embracing The Less


We seem to have so much of it! Collecting on countertops and tables. Overflowing toy boxes and closets (and therefore floors and the laundry). It’s just so stressful.

I love that wonderful feeling of being away on holidays, and living with the basics. A few changes of clothes, basic toiletries, and not much else in the way of stuff.

Stuff to clean, organise, put-away, dust…. bleugh. We don’t even use most of it very often.

Tiny plastic enemies

I always feel so much more relaxed when the house is fully tidied up, no crap on the counter or hidden under couch cushions. It doesn’t happen very often.

I’ve been inspired by the likes of Rachel from Nourishing Minimalism and Joshua from Becoming Minimalist and I know that I will be a much happier person without so much junk dominating my life.

Less Stuff = Less Stress

Looking around today, it seems like a huge task, and we don’t have a particularly large amount of stuff comparatively to most people. So I’m going to start with just the , and break it up into 3 segments that I will tackle over the next 3 weeks:


Week One: Junk the Kitchen.

This shouldn’t cause too much grief, it will be mostly the gifts people have given me that I feel bad that I don’t use, so I keep in the cupboards.

Week Two: Junk the Toys.

I wanted this to be week one, but don’t want to seem like I’m waging a joyless war on the kids toys. I swear at all the plastic junk a lot and I know Husby will think I’m just being the fun police if I attack this first!

Week Three: My Clothes.

This will be the big hard scary one.



I want to hear about your experiences in clearing out your clutter. How successful were you? Did it lift your mood? Did you ever throw out anything you regretted?


Share your thoughts!

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