Body after Babies

Body after Babies

I’ve had two babies now, and I’m getting back into shape.

My youngest is under 6 months old, so I’m still breastfeeding, which is great because it uses a nice big ol bunch of calories every day.

I didn’t gain a great deal extra whilst pregnant, I’m lucky to have had healthy pregnancies and access to good, fresh, unprocessed food to help keep my body working as it should. You can have a healthy pregnancy and postpartum recovery eating predominantly fresh raw fruits and veggies!

During this time it is important to look after you, as it can be oh so easy to lose yourself in the demands of looking after your childers, especially a little baby who has so many needs. Staying healthy and looking good sounds a bit shallow I guess, but when you provide that for yourself, you will find you have more to give to your family. That’s been my experience anyway.


Drink at least 2 litres of water every day! I try and start the day with half a litre of water before I get up. It makes such a difference! I keep a nice glass litre bottle on my bedside table, and make sure I drink it down empty between when I go to bed and before I get up. Staying really well hydrated will improve your mood ten-fold, and help you look fresh.

Raw Lyfe

Pack your day with mostly raw fruits and veggies. It’s easy to get a quality meal for yourself when you have a ‘mono-meal’ of fruit going on – for example chop up a kilo or two of watermelon and just have at a big bowl with a fork. Easy to do juggling a baby and a preschooler (the preschooler loves to share too – fun picnic on the lawn that takes no effort!)

My favourites are melons of all kinds, nice ripe pears and medjool dates. A couple of frozen bananas + water + stick blender = a pretty good basic smoothie too in a pinch!

A big bowl of ‘salad 5’ is a go too meal as well:

1 red capsicum, 1 lebanese cucumber, 1 carrot, handful of snow peas, 1 large ripe tomato. Chop all these (not the carrot) into little pieces, like 1cm pieces, chuck in the bowl and grate the carrot over the top. Basic, but always so satisfying.

You honestly can’t go overboard with Raw Lyfe, and if I wasn’t breastfeeding I would be far stricter with “Raw till 4”. The calories are all great, nutrient dense ones and are packed full of fibre  – great for keeping you satiated, and great to support a healthy microbiome (which I will do a post on at a later date! I’m into the microbiome!)

Calorie watching and Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding can use up to 500 calories a day. Your body has tucked away some fat stores to help with this over pregnancy. Still, I’m not going to go nuts eating or counting calories. I’m going to try and take 5kg off at this point, and it would be great to knock it over quickly and have my bikini bod back for the Aussie summer, but I’ll need to do this careful so my milk supply doesn’t tank.

Eating a lot of fibre-rich, raw fruits and veggies can leave you really full at 1200 calories, and honestly I need more than that to maintain a good milk supply for my hungry Banana. I’ll be posting my favourite milky-meals soon.

I’m using a combo of apps to keep an eye on my journey: My Net Diary I use to enter my weight because I like their progress graphs, and for calorie and nutrient watching I use ControlMyWeight by Calorie King because I like their database and user interface (the phone app, I understand it’s different on the computer). I’ll try and post updates weekly!

The food part I got down pat, and I’m excited to share my knowledge.


Here I have trouble staying motivated, even though I love being fit, so I am definitely a class type exerciser.

When I had time and money (so, pre-Banana being born) I LOVED OBC Original Bootcamp to kick me into gear. It is seriously awesome, everything that they claim, and you will get the results you want fast if you take it seriously. (sounds like a major plug, but I am in no way paid for that, or affiliated with them aside from being a very satisfied client!)

Anyway, that is totally off the menu for me at the moment. The gym near me does Les Mills BodyPump, which I really want to get to a few times a week so I will be trying to slot it in around Husby’s shift work and required sleep/personal time. Haven’t succeeded yet, part of why I am blogging about it to stay accountable!

I live in a hilly, nature filled area, so I should be running around a lot more. Also an activity I need people/blogs/record keeping to whipcrack/encourage/yada yada to keep me doing regularly.

I’d love to hear about how time-poor people, especially breastfeeding mamas, have kept themselves fit and healthy – give me your tips and tricks!


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