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Raw (food) Beginnings…. and staying accountable

Melon Love

Melon Love

This blog was begun some time ago, mostly out of procrastination from actual work. It had no direction and was rather quickly abandoned as I grew bored.

Recently, post my second babe, I have found myself at home alone (aside from sleeping kiddies) most evenings as husband and I have switched working roles for the time being, that is me now staying at home and him bringing home the (vegetarian) bacon. The downside to this is he’s a shift worker, which means most evenings, he ain’t here.

Also, I’d never actually touch vegetarian bacon. Ew.

My philosophy on healthy and ethical lifestyle has undergone some evolution since I’ve checked in here too. The main reason I had for coming back is ‘keeping myself accountable’….

  • I want my cracking, fit body back
  • I want to preserve my skin as I creep ever closer to 30
  • I want to feel light of mood and full of energy

I’ve been doing (mostly) ‘Raw-till-4’, a vegan approach which is basically raw food until four PM. It’s actually working out great, but I keep falling off the wagon. So I was brainstorming ways to keep myself accountable when I received an email from WordPress saying they’ve deducted $35 to maintain the ‘custom’ site option that I bought last year when I was playing around with the blog. I didn’t realise it was a yearly direct-debit that I had to cancel. My bad. But, since I’ve paid it (and it made me actually remember I had a site) I thought I could use it as a personal online diary kind of arrangement to stay on track, fill my evenings with more productive things, and decompress my brain for the night.

So here we are.


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