There ain’t no shame in being an om-nom-nomnivore

Omnivore, om-nom-nomnivore…..

It’s where we’re at baby.

I don’t eat animal products simply because I cannot abstain, that my will power isn’t strong enough. I eat them because think they are an essential part of human nutrition. Omnivorism can be a responsible choice, and I encourage you to make it so!

I think we (humans – certainly Western societies) have a huge disconnect about where our meat, dairy and eggs actually come from. Often, it is not even thought of – simply consumed. And consumed in mighty quantities. This is what disturbs me.

‘Factory’ and ‘farming’ are two words that should be nowhere near each other. It is a practice that is not only unbelievably cruel but also a total disaster for the environment and our health.

Animal products are being produced and consumed in enormous quantities, and people seemingly have no care where it comes from. This is unutterably disgraceful in terms of animal welfare, our environment and our own personal health.

The dairy industry in Australia is currently at the mercy of the major supermarket chains price war. A dollar for a litre of milk (quart) is appalling! The quality of the product obviously suffers, and dairy ‘waste’ has a face. Commercial dairy cows are kept virtually perpetually pregnant and the calves are taken when they are only a few days old and processed into crated veal.

The Australian pork industry continues the use of sow stalls. A sow is confined in a concreted pen not much larger that herself. She is cannot turn around or care for her young when they are born. She cannot even shift to ease her labour. This sow will be impregnated again and forced to undergo this process for the rest of her life until her body gives out. Pigs are affectionate, intelligent animals with a sophisticated social instinct – you would be prosecuted in Australia for treating the family dog this way and I really don’t see the difference.

Please visit Animals Australia for a little insight into the lives of these wretched creatures.

Every time you make a choice as to what you consume you vote for what is ok. Every single time you consume meat, eggs and dairy that are the products of factory farming you say that this torture is fine with you. Not to mention the health consequences of eating sick animals and their products.

Pastured animals products can be found. They may cost a little more, but there are ways around this too. Eat less meat, eat cheaper cuts, don’t waste. Use the bones/skin/feet for stock. Buy in bulk and freeze. Join a co-op. Learn to cook with all of the animal, and learn to use more plant sources of protein.

If we can’t afford to eat animal products from ethical sources where the animals are raised and cared for respectfully and without cruelty, we can’t afford animal products. Period. Factory raised animal operations will receive no support from us.

I feel sad that there is such disconnect between people and their food. In my experience, many people seem to not really be concious of the fact that eating meat means killing animals. Obviously they ‘know’, but the concept has been so sanitised that any meaningful thought about how meat gets to their plate is virtually non-existent. A packet of meat or dozen eggs from the supermarket is so far removed from the process it takes to get there so it is really no surprise that people are such complacent consumers.

Eating meat means raising animals, slaughtering and butchering. This is confronting, but there is nothing shameful here, humans are natural omnivores. You should be confronted, you are eating a creature. This must be approached respectfully and with full awareness of what this means. This knowledge benefits us all – animals, our environment and our health.

And you know what? We do not have a ‘right’ to eat meat. What a privilege to be at the top of the food chain, that we have access to food, and such variety! But I digress, perhaps a post on our bounty is for another time…


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