The Memmler Clan

The shiny happy future

I have a dream… It’s so perfect that the rosy-glow of it all makes me feel a little ill…. To be a primary producer and spend my days with my loved ones on our own land. We (well, I, and my darling unresisting husband – who stops me only occasionally to make a practical point or three) eventually want to produce more than we consume.

I’m not sure what we will produce yet – I want us to feed ourselves – raise chickens for meat and eggs, and grow as many fruits and vegetables as possible for us to live on. We will have sheep for meat, and possibly even milking goats. We will save up for household solar panels (common in Australia) and learn to do more things from scratch.

We will obviously still need a source of cash, perhaps we will take on wine as our main source of cash. My family has been in that industry for years and are well set up in one of the worlds best wine regions. (We should probably aim to consume far less that what we produce of this particular product right from the outset rather than ‘eventually’, otherwise not much else gonna get done!) We will spend our days together, farming for ourselves and selling wine at a cellar door we will build on my mother and father’s property. Alternately I could go back to uni and learn some kind of service, something that I am into such as physiotherapy or speech therapy so I can work part-time, possibly even from home and fit it around busy-bee-ing at our little homestead. Do you feel a little queasey from the shining romance of it all yet?

Right now I’m full time in a dull office doing a dull job. I’m very lucky that I’m with a supportive and progessive company, with nice people and a great salary with plenty of perks… But still – there sure ain’t no soul satisfaction to be found here. We have a new house just out of the city and this winter have made a very little baby step – growing coriander (it’s bolted) and brocolli (caterpillars) among a few other little struggling vegies. Alpha-boy grew us some carrots which we picked this week – can you just feel the excitement!


Despite that, I have had more successful vegie growing endeavours in the past, and I’m shaping that place up for a good season this spring (it’s a new house, this coming spring is our first here).

However, for the foreseeable future we are reliant on our CSA Box from Jupiter Creek Farm, topping up from local markets. We find most of our meat from local pastured sources and are lucky to be able to include my mother in that – she grows some lambs on her little plot a few hours north of us. There is a source of raw milk near us – a difficult to come by blessing in Australia. All this is good, there is access to amazing produce in our State and I am very passionate about supporting small, sustainable enterprise. Our cup truly does overflow, the further dream is simply to become more self sufficient.

We are going to get there, kiddos!

Step by blessed step…..


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