The Memmler Clan

A rather boring revolution

An accidental rebellion has started in my house. Some increasingly obsessive desire to separate from dependency on industrial food and product companies with appalling rap sheets. There’s just something so gross about the unrestrained grabbiness of the supermarket. $1 milk! Who cares where it comes from, and the suffering required to get it at that price. It’s a dollar! Ew.

I don’t want to be a part of it. I choose health. I choose responsibility. I choose consciousness.

Enter goodness. Take heartless, processed rubbish out of my kitchen. It’s hurting us. I am learning something new all the time in this journey, it’s a big exciting world of amazing local produce and new ways to reduce our family footprint.

We’ve got a pretty decent repertoire of things going on, and I love how there is always something new to learn. It takes more time, but it creates more love. The time we spend doing things right brings more joy and satisfaction into our lives, and gives us more to be grateful for.

The ultimate goal is to create more than we consume. It’ll be a destination reached far in the future, but the trip will be amazing!


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